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range fields of application ais pex

Cross-linked polyethylene is a widely accepted material among engineering, architecture and installation professionals, both for its performance and for its ease of execution.

We understand that PEX is perfect for recessed installations or that run through false ceilings and installation slots. However, for exposed installations, due to their flexibility and expansion, they suffer from the order and aesthetic finishing that some complex installations require.

That is why the range that we present is highly focused on embedded or hidden installations, mainly in residential buildings, whose main working diameters range from 16 to 32mm.

PEX-a on roll

Reference 114.16100 with dimensions 16x1.80

Reference 114.20100 with dimensions 20x1.90

Reference 114.25050 with dimensions 25x2.30

Reference 114.32050 with dimensions 32x2.90


PEX-a in bar

Reference 115.16004 with dimensions 16x1.80

Reference 115.20004 with dimensions 20x1.90

Reference 115.25004 with dimensions 25x2.30

Reference 115.32004 with dimensions 32x2.90


The most common fields of application of AIS PEX-a Multitube pipes in buildings are the following:

Supply and distribution of hot and cold sanitary water inside buildings.
Heating by radiant surfaces (including evoh anti-diffusion layer of O2). Although the trend in these applications is to use PERT material.
Heating by radiators, the PEX evoh is also suitable for this application.

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