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The air-conditioned floor solution allows...

The air-conditioned floor solution allows you to meet five needs in homes and other types of buildings with a single system:

The air-conditioned floor allows meeting the requirements of the CTE (Technical Building Code) and RITE in terms of regulations on thermal installations, comfort, health, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. Therefore, we are facing a system suitable to be integrated in any type of building, also in the not only residential one.

Winter comfort - heating mode

The use of the heated floor as a radiant heating emitter was its first application and its origin dates back to ancient times. It is the best known and most used application in the system.

At present it is becoming a standard in residential new construction, both in single-family homes and in high-rise homes. It is also experiencing a great advance in non-residential and tertiary building: libraries, residences, hotels, industrial buildings, pig farms, etc.

It is widely known that the human body performs heat exchange mainly by radiation, this is the reason why the sensation of thermal comfort achieved by heated floors is unsurpassed by any other heat emitting system.

In addition to comfort, the other pillar that has consolidated the success of the system as a heating emitter is energy efficiency. We are facing a solution that works at low temperatures (usual values ​​35º - 42º) in heating mode, so it is perfectly combined with the most efficient thermal production equipment and systems. It also allows to comply with current energy efficiency and energy saving regulations.

In buildings with a very high energy rating, almost zero consumption type or passivhaus type, operating temperatures can be below 30ºC in heating.

Comfort in summer - cooling mode

It has as detractors those who have not experienced it.

The most common thing in residential air conditioning is to think of an air conditioning system. A system that cools and moves the air in certain rooms, usually only in living rooms and bedrooms.

The concept of comfort in summer with heated floors is quite a different proposal. The objective is to generate the so-called “cave effect” providing a sensation of thermal comfort without annoying and insane drafts. The cooling floor provides comfort without drying out the environment and avoids the annoying cold shocks that affect users so much.

The 26ºC that are maintained with a heated floor in cooling mode is more than enough. According to our experience, in residential use (with current insulation) this room temperature together with the aforementioned cave effect provides a state of thermal comfort to most users. It is about changing the chip, it is not an air conditioner and the concept and the feeling of thermal comfort is different.

It is worth mentioning that in coastal areas or with high relative humidity in summer the flow temperature must be limited to avoid possible condensation. In residential areas in these areas it is usually combined with a fan-coil system. In non-residential buildings or buildings with high thermal loads in summer, a preliminary study is necessary to evaluate the suitability of the system from the point of view of cooling capacity and required response time

Thermal isolation

The main objective of the insulating elements that are part of the air-conditioned floor system is to ensure the emission of the thermal flux towards the rooms to be air-conditioned.

The evolution and optimization of these insulating elements in materials and the new graphite-based additives, has allowed them to be integrated into the floors and also provide structural thermal insulation benefits to the building. The CTE establishes that the heated floor can be integrated into the structure with the technical consideration of floating floor. Depending on whether it is a base or intermediate floor, one type or another of insulating panel will be installed that will allow us to comply with the thermal insulation requirements of the CTE without the need for additional elements.

Acoustic isolation

For the same reasons expressed in the previous section. By selecting an insulating panel with the proper acoustic insulation performance, we will comply with the requirements established by the CTE in terms of acoustic insulation. And as in the previous case, without the need for additional elements to the heated floor.

Maximize available space (m2)

We are facing an emitter system that is integrated into the construction elements, so it does not occupy any space and maximizes the available m2.

We do not have emitting elements in sight. The insulating panel and the piping circuits are integrated into the floor of the building. And the collectors or distributors are generally located on walls or built-in cabinets.

This is another great advantage of the air-conditioned floor system, we do not have emitting elements in sight and it does not interfere with or condition the furniture and decoration of the rooms. In addition to revaluing the properties by increasing the useful space available.

Heated floor, preferred partner for aerothermal energy

The set formed by the aerothermal heat pump as a system for the production of cold and heat, and the air-conditioned floor system as an emitter of cold and heat produced by aerothermal energy is a binomial that is being imposed as an optimal installation in the current building.

Our climate with both winter heating and summer cooling needs means that the aerothermal heat pump is making a huge breakthrough. In the same way, the heated floor capable of emitting both cold and heat is the ideal emitting partner for this system.

In addition to all the advantages listed in this article, the fact that both the aerothermal heat pump and the heated floor work at moderate temperatures in both cold and heat means that the combination of both systems allows achieving high operating performance with the consequent savings energetic. And of course they enable and promote the power to achieve the maximum energy rating for buildings.

The truth is that it is being an indispensable need in homes, due to the existence of a large number of European regulations that pressure to look for more ecological and energy efficient options and the air-conditioned floor meets these requirements.

Multitubo has recently brought to the market the AIS Klima Klett self-adherent rapid assembly system with the most advanced materials both thermal and acoustic insulation and its specific 7-layer pipe for heated floors.



Miguel Angel Torres

Director of Plumbing and Air Conditioning Solutions